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I'm Mia (also Lyza (lai-zah) but whatever), a sometimes writer and a blogger, trying to get to know herself while studying Asian Studies. You can either find me on the streets of Manila or in the western suburb of Sydney walking around.

I'm an infp with an overly talkative mind that drives me crazy once it shuts up. I'm hungy for adventure yet too lazy to go out and wander. I love things and concepts vintage and old.

Also a sometimes pianist (a frustrated one) and a messy artist that paints her walls with distorted lines hoping to paint the world one day. As a sometimes writer, I am left with three unfinished books and a poetry collection.

I choose coffee over tea, I never got to learn to like tea. I never leave without my journal just because. chill music is my life's soundtrack playing through my earphones.
I wish to be everything in life, which is impossible. So, I wish to be everything that I can be in life and one day I hope to not give in my stupid insecurities.


seventeen, woozi (lee jihoon), anime, manga, japanese drama and movies, korean drama and movies, cats though i own dogs, notebooks, books, independent coffee shops that suddenly appear, chill music, indie music, music in general, crazy socks, pictures on walls, baby's breath, figure skating, isu figure skating, yuzuru hanyu, yulia lipnitskaya, the city, the sea, empty places, crowded streets, outlet shops, thrift shops, 60s fashion to 90s fashion... and many more


Elsewhere, you can find me on twitter at @_emsalazar, on tumblr at nightmare writer and on instagram at @_ialyz.